How I systemized and automated my book publishing AND marketing…

My publishing business runs for 90% on autopilot. I spend on average 1 to 2 hours per day on it. It used to be 12-hours per day. 

I used my 19 years of corporate experience managing remote teams to do this. And in a moment I’ll show you how you can do the same thing, even if you’ve never hired or managed a single person in your life.

But first things, first. I started publishing to escape the 9-to-5 rat-race. My initial goal was the make $10k in sales with publishing. I hit this goal last year in August 2019. 

But the sad thing was, I was working more than ever. Although I was home all the time, I had less time with my wife than ever. 

I was continuously working IN my publishing business

  • Creating new book-outlines
  • Writing book descriptions
  • Creating landing pages
  • Writing Emails
  • Proofreading books.
  • Checking and updating my AMS Ads
  • I even did my own formatting 
  • Etc, etc

So, not actually how I would picture the passive income lifestyle...

But first, here’s why most publishers’ outsourcing strategy (if you can even call it a strategy) just doesn’t work.

They spend 5 minutes on Upwork posting a job for “virtual assistant” and then hire the first person who responds. They expect this person will scale their publishing business on autopilot. As attractive as this sounds, it never works in reality.

The people you´ll find there, have a ¨freelance mentality¨. They live from gig to gig and aren´t looking to settle for a more regular 9-to-5 job.

Most of them have never worked in actual successful multi-million dollar companies, with the systems and procedures they have in place. They just want to finish tasks and aren´t interesting in growing and improving themselvers.

So, I decided to go for the more sustainable, more long-term and easier to scale route.

Well, this cost me some extra time in the beginning. But after just a few days, the boring and energy-draining tasks were already from my plate. 

Having employees running my publishing business, created time for me to do other stuff. So, I decided to create a course for other self-publishers, so they can do the same.

In this course, I share my experience from working inside Billion-Dollar companies like Royal Philips, Xerox and Vodafone as a Programmer, a Project manager and in the end also as a Line Manager. 

Inside this course you will discover:

  • Where and how to recruit well educated, low-cost and above all loyal A-Players for your team
  • How to train them fast and efficiently without wasting your time
  • Which systems and tools I use to monitor the quality and progress
  • How I can grow a brand and an audience on a topic I know nothing about
  • I managed to explain things only once, this saved me tons of time
  • How to create motivation and accountability among your team
  • How to create a good relationship and a close team, while working in different places in the world in different time zones
  • How to create ´ownership´ and ´responsibility´ and why that is important

And much, much more.

Even if you have zero experience in managing people, in this course, I will guide you in no-time through the experience which took me 19 years to collect. I´ll break it down in easy to consume and easy to apply chunks.

You don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive software either. Inside the course, I´ll show the 4 free tools I use to manage, communicate and most important safely run the business with my team.

Even just implementing a few of the easily actionable lessons will save any publisher thousands each year and speed up their books to market.

Antony Ingles

I've had a couple of decades of corporate experience, dealing with international teams using automated tools but even I found a lot of value from the course. With Juan's obvious publishing and multinational experience, he's produced a course that melds well both these elements together - this course is unique in the publishing space, I haven't seen anything like it. Even just implementing a few of the easily actionable lessons will save any publisher thousands each year and speed up their books to market. We all know that publishing can be a drain on resources with regards to administration, set up time and dealing with remote VAs and much more - this course alleviates those tasks. Why work 60 hours per week when you can cut it down to a mere fraction? Doesn't that make sense? It's such a no-brainer

A lot of gems and key lessons covered.

Jet Saini

For anyone on the fence about grabbing the group coaching call, it was extremely valuable. For those like me who don't plan to hire any employees right now, there were still a lot of other gems and key lessons covered. Thanks Juan Born

That was priceless!

Gal Agadi

A spontaneous review in my Facebook Group: ¨I have been on that training call. That was priceless! The information on the training was worth thousands of dollars for me. You really overdelivered there. Thanks again Juan Born¨

Detailed and structured

Dmitry Emelyanov

The coaching call was very good, all information was detailed, structured and presented well. It really saves you lots of time and organizes your business process if you get the training. Otherwise, you'll be browsing the internet for hours looking for solution.

Extremely to the point

Kristó Willem

This coaching session was extremely to the point. Juan gave his tools and tips to set up the systems for getting a lot of work done a lot faster.

Mindset of scaling publishing as an actual business

Brian Chang

I attended the coaching call last month. It was worth the investment. The information was great but what i valued even more was the mindset of scaling publishing as an actual business. Since attending the course 30 days ago, here are the actions i have taken: 1) Stream line how i work with my writers, how they submit files to me. 2) Learn how to outsource and delegate effectively which helps save me a lot of time and increase the quality of my books. If you are a seasoned publisher and looking to scale, then i would recommend taking the course.

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